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Discover all the benefits that come with being an enthusiastic student walking around campus! It's our way to give back to students.

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Some of the amazing benefits of being a Student Ambassador

Up to $2,500/mo via PayPal.

Access to AA's reviews.

Access to the new content.

Access to all the study guides.

Access to most secrets banks of questions!

Access to the Beta Version of the latest technologies!

In short... Big Benefits for being awesome!


Some of the amazing responsibilities of being a Student Ambassador

Be enthusiastic.

Spread the word.

Collect emails. 

Enjoy the benefits.

Become A Student Ambassador

As an Atlas Academy Student Ambassador, you will be the vital link between your school campus and our office. Student Ambassadors are essential to our ability to forge new relationships and nurture existing ones. They serve as our primary points of contact with student groups, increase our digital footprint on campus and execute various on-campus marketing activities. You will be the brand’s biggest fan and influencer on campus, utilizing social media to promote our events and programs. As an advocate for The Atlas Academy, you will help students figure out how we will best prep them to ace their tests. In fact, our Student Ambassadors are the primary reason many students enroll in our test prep programs!

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Become An Affiliate Partner With Atlas Academy

You sign-up with our affiliate program 

Signing up for our program is very easy. In fact, it's easier than creating an account with Atlas Academy. You can sign-up using this link here.

You send your unique affiliate link to your classmates via email 

When you sign-up you will have access to a portal we created for you. There you will find unique links, coupons for students, and manage payments and commissions.

Student clicks your link and makes a purchase with your 10% discount 

After sending your unique link by email to your classmates, they will click the link and they will have 30 days for their offer.

Purchase is confirmed by Atlas Academy 

For example, if the product costs $500, they will have a $50 discount, but you will also make a $50 commission.  

You receive your commission

You can check all of your commissions in a portal we created just for you. You will also be able to see your stats and more.

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