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Using The Latest Technologies To Pass All NBCE® Exams

Atlas Academy (A2) provides chiropractic students with up-to-date reviews to help them achieve passing board scores. Guaranteed.


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Oops, we mean accessible. Atlas Academy gives you the opportunity to study from anywhere, anytime. Coffee shop? Yes. Airplane? Yes. At home? You got it.

The NBCE® exam changed completely after the 2020 pandemic. What used to work then does not work now. The NBCE® organization changed exam formats, in addition, they changed:

  • new information
  • new question formats
  • new radiographic images

into the new format exams. See, old videos mean out-of-date reviews, and nobody has time to study old information risking another chance on board exams.

The Atlas Academy Method

Our Online Reviews will give you all access to all of our products, including books, manuals, and our mobile app filled with multiple-choice questions! In addition, we have very realistic final exams that will mimic the actual exam. You can choose individual product subscriptions. 

Online Reviews

Our reviews cover every single topic in detail. You will also find videos, and quizzes that will go hand in hand with the reviews.

Books and Guides

Our books are packed from A-Z, while study guides are a shorter review version. All are included in your review.

MCQ Banks

The largest Q-Bank in the industry with 18,500 questions, we have created a mobile app that allows you to practice on the go!

Final Exams

All our reviews include 1 to 2 Final Exams. Most test takers couldn’t tell the difference between their official practice exams and ours.


  1. Personalized Learning Paths: Our vision includes developing AI-driven algorithms that analyze students' strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to provide personalized study plans. Tailoring our resources to individual needs will maximize exam readiness.

  2. AI-Powered Assessment Tools: We plan to introduce AI-driven assessment tools that simulate board exams, providing students with a realistic testing experience. These tools will identify areas for improvement and boost confidence.

  3. Innovative Study Resources: We're committed to developing new study resources, including interactive apps, gamified learning modules, and real-time performance analytics. These tools will empower students to monitor their progress effectively.


Our All Inclusive Online Reviews


All 6 subjects, lab manuals, full access to PrepBanks™ with 3,240+ multiple choice questions and 1 Final Exam.



All 6 subjects, lab manuals, full access to PrepBanks™ with 3,240+ multiple choice questions and 1 Final Exam.



All 9 clinical subjects, lab manuals, DXI videos, 24 Vignettes, 1540+ questions and 2 Final Exams.



Over 275 videos of Case Management and Techniques with Lab Manuals and Case Scenarios. 2 Final Exams. 



Most comprehensive review for PT. Includes full access to PrepBanks™ with 720 questions and 2 Final Exams. 


Our Story


At Atlas Academy, we're dedicated to one thing: helping chiropractic students excel in their board exams. Our journey began in 2012 when we pioneered in-person group reviews, achieving a perfect passing rate for our students. In 2014, we expanded our mission to bring streamlined board reviews to the public.

In 2020, we took a giant leap into the virtual realm, revolutionizing the way we support students. By going virtual, we could reach more students without compromising the quality of our services. Today, we proudly stand as the largest and most trusted board review company in the chiropractic field.

Our offerings are comprehensive, providing chiropractic students with complete online board reviews, expertly crafted books, study guides, and an extensive proprietary application, PrepBanks™, of 18,500+ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) covering Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and Physiotherapy. We don't stop at the NBCE® Board Exams; we also prepare students for State Laws Exams.

But our commitment to student success goes beyond traditional materials. We offer innovative resources like memory drills, meditations, and hypnotherapy sessions from world-renowned experts. Our goal is simple: help students achieve success in the shortest timeframes.

Atlas Academy has proudly supported students in passing Board Exams since 2012, and we continue to lead the way. Find your preferred board review with us and embark on your journey to success today!

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